To ensure a longer lasting deck, direct water away from the house and over the ledger board to prevent moisture from seeping into the stud wall and rotting your deck supports. Easy to handle and lightweight, Armadillo Flashing is extremely tough and lasts longer than most metal flashing on the market.

​8 FT Length $3.00 Each

Available in White plus 7 colors


"JACK'S Got Your Back!"

Armadillo Impressions Collection.

The appearance of a hand scraped surface adds exquisite detail and character to your deck. Each deck board offers a perfect blend of color and texture for the most beautiful, uniquely distressed decking on the market.

​$3.99 LF 

If you have any questions about our products or availability, please feel free to call 570-968-2111 and our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions! We look forward to serving you!

Pricing and inventory subject to change without notice. Measure twice purchase once! ALL sales final.

Armadillo® Composite Decking

Armadillo® Composite Decking is the premier low maintenance, high quality exterior composite decking brand in the world. As the preferred choice for homeowners and builders, Armadillo’s durable and eco-friendly deck boards offer the elegance and warmth of natural hardwoods in a beautiful range of colors and finishes.

Armadillo is the preferred decking of builders and contractors throughout North America. For those interested in building their own deck, Armadillo Boards cut and drill with standard wood working tools. Your Armadillo deck is more than just a great deck, it’s part of your living space.

Armadillo strives to make products that stand up to Mother Nature and the wear and tear of your lifestyle. We are so confident in our products that we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Armadillo will not fade from light and weathering exposure as measured by color change of more than 5 Delta E (CIE) units. Armadillo is designed to slow the effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays; however, no material is 100% fade proof when subject to years of exposure to UV rays.

Complete your deck with Sonic Systems Railings

Armadillo Lifestyle Collection

 Lifestyle’s uniquely fluted underside eliminates unnecessary mass and creates a deck board that is 20% lighter than comparable composite deck boards making it easier to handle and transport.

$3.10 LF 

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Building Material Surplus

JACK'S is stocking two colors in 12' 16' & 20' lengths plus hidden fasteners and trim. 

At $2.49 LF

ON SALE $2.19 LF

Armadillo Essential

Armadillo Essential is the perfect option for budget conscious homeowners, but offers the same quality and durability of all Armadillo products but with a price tag that is sure to make the pocket book happy.

GRIDWORX  4'X8' Lattice panels.Give your deck a clean finished look.

Privacy has a 1 3/4" opening,Traditional has a 2 3/4" opening

Seal the ends and any exposed core of your Armadillo deck to ensure maximum protection from the elements. As a clear end sealer, you can use Armadillo End Sealer with any color of Armadillo decking, fascia, risers, or 2x4s. Each will cover approximately 200 board ends. Armadillo End Sealer must be applied or warranty is void.

​3 oz. Can $29.99

Our hidden fastener system provides a cleaner, fastener free appearance with only a 3/16” gap between deck boards. To determine the number of clips needed measure the sq. ft. of your deck and multiply by 1.65.

150 Count Box $79.99

JACK'S Can order these additional colors. 

Protect the substructure of your deck. When leaves and debris get trapped between your deck boards and joists, it causes deterioration. Armadillo Joist Cover protects the under-lying lumber where moisture collects to prevent rotting.

8 FT Length $1.50 Each

 A rectangular 2″x 3-1/2″ vinyl railing that mimics the look of a traditional wood 2 x 4 porch or deck railing, but with all the benefits of low maintenance vinyl. Top & bottom aluminum channels that provide both strength & stability.

Level rail lengths: 6′,  8′, & 10′ (in 36″H)

Step/stair rail lengths: 6′ & 8′ (32º-36º)

Height options: 36″ & 42″ (special order)

Black & white (stock colors)

Almond & clay (special order colors)

Baluster (in-fill) options: square vinyl, turned vinyl, & round aluminum

Limited lifetime warranty

No visible hardware or screws

Snap on screw covers

Box kits

Performance engineered & tested to ICC standards

22½º & 45º bracket adapter wedges

Top & bottom aluminum channels

Manufactured in the USA

Providing quality building material at a dramatically reduced price

C Channel / top & bottom connection in white $7.00 each. In colors $9.00 each. 8' lengths

H Channel / butt connection in white $9.00 each. In colors $11.00 each. 8' lengths 

White Privacy $32.00 Traditional $25.00 each

Colors Privacy $39.00 Traditional $28.00 each

Six Ft. Sections $109.00 each

Eight Ft. Sections $139.00 each